Les mods du serveur

Super Structure

This mod is a fork of S+ from the July 11th, 2019 release of Structures Plus. This mod includes everything that mod had at that time. Any further updates to S+ past that release are not necessarily in this mod.

eco's RP Decor

Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers!

Tribut Transfert

Tribute Transfer is a small mod that allows the player to create Tribute and Trophies containers to travel on other maps that are blocked for transfer. Up to the current account, all bossmats and all non-transferable trophies are available as containers.

Simple Spawner

Spawn creatures, harvestable resources, loot crates, or nests anywhere! Make your own biomes! Customize ANY map however you want to!

Dino Tracker

A smart tool for finding your lost Dino

TC Auto Rewards

This mod allows server admins to configure “Packs” to be purchased by their players using a currency which can be either distributed by admins in-game or automatically using realtime cycles.

eco Tree

Craft and plant trees, rocks, bushes, and more to create your own garden paradise!